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Market:Electricity prices will increase 7.5% from 16/3


In the meeting in 5/3/2014 , the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, leaders of ministries have discussed and agreed to the electricity price adjustment plan.

Accordingly, electricity price increase of 7.5%, corresponding to an average price 1622.05 VND/ kWh from 03.16.2015.
According to calculations by the ministries, with an increase of 7.5 %, the electricity price adjustment this time to ensure no loss required by EVN if not corrected, 2015, EVN will lose about 12,000 billion; take part to reduce losses due to exchange rate differences prior to the extant 8,000 billion; strive to ensure the GDP growth rate of 6.2%; and ensure control inflation by about 5%.
Along with that, EVN must continue to implement the solutions to improve production efficiency, ,reduce power losses from 8.49% to 8% in 2015; improve labor productivity across the Group .

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